At Shape, our main focus is to create digital products that are meaningful, dynamic, and clean. It’s our vision to develop a rich and engaging user experience with your customer’s needs in mind.

UI / UX Design

User interface that aligns with the client/product with a huge thought of the user and experience of the final product.


We take each idea and design through the ringer- testing it in code, ensuring quality user experience and making certain there are no bugs. We are always refining our products and seeking better solutions.

Responsive Design

Optimized, clean, fast design that easily flows through different screens and technology platforms.

Apps and more

Sophistication of the apps and technology can be overwhelming. We provide solutions and tools for making the product unique and easy to use.

Striving to make the digital world a better place.


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At SHAPE we love seeing businesses succeed. We believe every business is unique, like a shape. So is community. We help businesses connect to their community by establishing connections between the company and their target audience through technology.

We believe that businesses are affected by community and community affects businesses. Let SHAPE connect you to your community through our digital tools.

As a creative company, SHAPE stands behind good, clean design that brings fun experiences. Experiences is what makes us do it again or never come back. Digital world is where we take designs and bring them to life. Our goal is to create design that fits your brand and make the experience easy and fun for its users.

At SHAPE we love seeing businesses succeeding, so we stand behind businesses by establishing connection between businesses and their target audience through technology. We believe that every business is unique and edgy like a shape. We believe the same about community. Our goal is to overlap them and creating the experience.